Don Bethel Photography | About
February 2011

I retired as a civil engineer after working with the Army Corps of Engineers in Alaska. Most of my photographic works were made on transparency film while living there for almost 30 years. My career included a lot of travel within the state and other regions; providing me a lot of opportunities for landscape photography. I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2003.

The photographs shown here are mostly digital recordings taken after relocation. The earlier transparencies have to be digitally scanned before posting or print making, so displaying more of my previous work will have to wait for future effort.

My work has been included in many photo and all-art exhibitions. Some of those entries won awards, and several were purchased for inclusion in various permanent collections, most notably the Alaska Contemporary Art Bank, and the University of Alaska Museum in Fairbanks.

Prints can be available (up to 16"x20") from most images by request. My preference is to use the Lightjet process, which produces a high-quality photographic print still retaining a connection to silver-based photography. Nothing against inkjets; just my current preference. Prices will mainly be at cost. Please inquire if interested. There are several great commercial printers I work with, but any print sold will have to meet exacting standards for image quality. Some may not pass muster.

The pictures displayed here are organized by geographical region or location, which may change depending on future accumulation. Major additions and deletions will be noted at the top of this introduction.

Thank you for your interest; please enjoy the images.

Don Bethel